Gray Media Music

Over the last couple years, we have produced several musical video projects with some amazing artists! We’ve covered a broad range of styles from classical piano, acoustic singer/song writer sessions, and band performances of artists from all across the Pacific Northwest.  

The Old Still

In a time when live music was impossible due to restrictions, we created “The Old Still”, a music series initially based in a dilapidated old barn. It was rumored to have been a still during prohibition, hence the name!

We produced a series of five live streamed concerts in the summer of 2021 and a handful of pre-recorded performance videos. These pre-records are known as “Distilled Sessions”. These sessions capture artists in unique environments like gardens, parks, whiskey shops, riversides, and more. 


Sam Parker // Distilled

Live at The Old Still Pilot: Sam Parker

Solo Piano Sessions

Gray Media Productions is now offering a professional piano recording service! Click the button below to book your session. 

Mendelssohn - Scherzo in E minor

Bach - Italian Concerto in F major