2022 Second Quarter Newsletter

Some highlights from the last
few months at GMP

By: Peter Gray

By: Peter Gray

Hello friends! We are over halfway done with the year 2022 and it feels like just yesterday we were laying out our yearly goals and expectations for what the new year would hold. 


Since our first newsletter five months ago, we’ve experienced a lot of firsts, welcomed new life to the Gray family, and enjoyed some unexpected PNW June rainfall. As they say, “April showers bring May showers… and June showers, and maybe even some July showers, why not?”.


Before we get into some of the exciting projects we’ve completed since April, we’d like to introduce Daniel and his wife Katherine’s first child, Augustine William, to the Gray family!

Augustine William was born on July 27th at 3:33am and enjoys listening to jazz on his vinyl record player, long walks on the beach, debating politics and religion, wearing hats, and playing with his red fox lab, Leo. 

Now that we’ve got the weather-related small talk and exciting life news out of the way, we’d like to look back at some of the great video projects GMP produced over the past few months. In our January highlight reel, we laid out the vision of “Capturing Real Moments”. That vision has taken shape in a variety of projects, from short documentaries to instructional videos. We strive in each project to connect to the audience through strong visuals and real emotions. Enjoy!

YMCA: A Dancer’s Journey

Earlier this year, we began working with the Pierce County YMCA to support their marketing team with video production and photography. Our first project was this mini documentary following the story of two amazing performers in the Morgan Family Y Senior Dance Company, Maddie and Ada. 

What was initially intended to be a short glimpse into the Y’s dance program turned into an eight minute deep dive into the Senior Dance Company centered around “2.2”, their self-choreographed dance. “2.2” is a very emotional, yet joyful piece following the dancers’ personal journey through the pandemic.  

The Y is traditionally known for their gym and fitness offerings. This project highlighted the Y’s arts program and the mission to foster the development of young people like Maddie and Ada.

Pierce County: "Your Vote is Your Voice"

In this project, we were tasked with developing a script, storyline, shooting, and editing all within the span of about 10 days. We were lucky to work with some great people at Pierce County that made this process seamless!


This youth-targeted video was created to encourage higher voting rates. In Pierce County, only 9% of eligible voters ages 18-34 turned out in the last election. Our goal was to boost that number! This video is the story of two young voters who encourage each other to use their voice in future elections.

The Coffee Oasis: 25th Anniversary

In our second project of the year with The Coffee Oasis, we had the opportunity to share their 25 year history with the community. What started as a family simply inviting young people into their home blossomed into an organization that has served thousands of youth in Pierce and Kitsap counties. 


The Coffee Oasis restores hope in our communities through youth programs and support. As Executive Director Daniel Frederick says, “My vision of success is that the next youth coming in feels cared for and has everything they need to thrive”. 

The care for each individual youth is what makes The Coffee Oasis a special organization. 


Pierce County: Water Safety

This water safety project was shot in early July on a rainy summer day. I had the opportunity to do some acting (person in water #2) and film some underwater shots with our GoPro!


We were lucky enough to receive support from friends and family who did a great job demonstrating practices that help prevent cold water shock. 


As a Tacoma based video production company, we have the opportunity to learn something new on every project. This Pierce County Swim Safe video was no exception! We learned about how crucial it is to be aware of the dangers of cold water shock and how wearing a personal flotation device can save lives.


Puget Sound Orthopedics: Patient Testimonial

Through the miracles of modern medicine, Margaret, a Puget Sound Orthopedics patient, recovered from a shoulder injury that caused her pain for over two years. She is now able to garden, play with her grandkids, and enjoy retired life.


These testimonials highlight real patient success stories. They establish trust with prospective patients and serve as a great marketing tool. 

Bellarmine: Cause Video for Tuition Assistance

This video played at the annual Bellarmine gala. This was the first in person gala in three years!

Every year, the goal of Bellarmine’s cause video is to show why tuition assistance is so important for the Bellarmine community. Over 40% of students at the school rely on assistance, and without them, Bellarmine wouldn’t be the same. This year’s gala raised over 1 million dollars for the first time in school history, and we were proud to play a role in the gala’s success!


For this project, we pivoted (everyone’s favorite word these days) several times from conception to completion. The end result was a combination of a scripted poem read by several different students, an interview with a former student and their letter of gratitude (read by Bellarmine’s principal), and footage from the past few years from our time working with Bellarmine. 

Thank You!

If you’ve made it this far in our second ever quarterly newsletter, congrats! We appreciate your support of Gray Media Productions. If there are any topics you’d like to see covered in future newsletters, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

While this blog was focused on our full service video production, we also provide photography. Check out our still page for some example work and highlights from this year. 

Reach out if you’d like to get rolling on your next project!