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Thank you for visiting your portfolio! Below you’ll find a few projects that relate to the video we discussed in our initial meeting. If you’d like some additional examples, don’t hesitate to reach out!

"Our Story" Type Videos

The Rush Journey

This project focuses on the history and growth of Rush over their 35 years in business. This video is entirely candid with scripted questions rather than answers.

The Quantum Experience

Quantum wanted a video that highlighted their unique product, attention to detail, and dedicated craftspeople. The intro is “quasi-candid” as the CEO prepared some talking points ahead of time.

Your Vote is Your Voice

This is a fully scripted video with a clear call to action. It is entirely VO and the speakers are main characters in the storyline.

Corks and Crush Event Intro

We wrote this script in order to put the audience in a giving mindset. This is an example of a professional VO actor, Damon Huard, who is more energetic.