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Professional video production has always been our core service at GMP. Since 2014 we’ve served a wealth of clients ranging from businesses, non-profits, schools, individuals, local governments, and more. While we are constantly evolving, our mission will remain: create content that delivers real results. Here is a look at some of our video production work across a spectrum of industries and applications. We’d love to chat about your next project!


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Our Work

Full Service Video Production

We will consult with you on the needs for your project, shoot video on sight with professional equipment, edit and optimize your videos for your specific needs, and deliver your content to the public. Check out a few of the  areas where we provide this service!

Fundraising Videos

Non-profits come to us when they want to show donors the real impact their dollar has on the people that need their help the most. We convey this impact through storytelling, the heart of any fundraising effort. We take great pride in telling these stories in a way that resonates with the community. Reach out if you’d like to chat about how we can tell your organization’s story!

Marketing Videos

Today, 72% consumers would rather learn about a product or service through video. It has become an essential element to any marketing campaign and has proven time and again to positively impact the bottom line. With the right digital marketing strategy, we can deliver real results for your business with inspirational, captivating, engaging, and professional grade media.

Instructional Videos

High quality videos have become an essential learning tool for their palatable, engaging, and entertaining qualities. Instructional videos are an extremely effective way to enhance customer, business partner, and employee experience. Our videos help organizations and businesses onboard, educate the public, teach consumers how to use products, and more. Reach out if you’d like us to enhance your offering!

Live Streams

The way we do business, fundraise, and connect to our audiences has changed. Gatherings like auctions, concerts, celebrations, and sporting events are now limited. Luckily, we can now live stream these occasions and reach people from half way around the globe. Even as gathering restrictions ease, we believe high quality live streaming is here to stay. Reach out if you would like to expand the audience for your next occasion!