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Below you’ll find some examples of work that I felt were relevant to the type of content you’re interested in creating. Based on our initial call, my thoughts are that we want to create something that captures the mission of Rainier Flight, as well as what sets it apart from potential competitors. We’ll do this through the testimony of different people who both work at Rainier Flight, or benefitted from its services. Although these examples may not be relevant to the industry, I felt they had a similar look, feel and structure to what we’re going for. 

Video Samples

Walsh, DBIA Award Submission

These are two similar videos submitted for the same construction award.  Both pieces utilized interviews and a substantial amount of b-roll. 

NWHS - Employee Recruiting Video

This video focuses on what a job at NWHS is like and the benefits of a career there. 

Lacey Fire - Recruitment

Lacey Fire wanted to show the essence of what working in their district was like, as well as a bit about what being a fire fighter means. We captured that through interviews and compelling b-roll. 

Short Video Examples

Rush Companies: Social Media Short

Video extrapolated from longer mini doc about Rush history. Example of a more candid short form video.

Hub :30

This was a 30 second piece for a marketing campaign the Harmon was doing, but has a few shots of the narrows airport in Gig Harbor as well as some fun visuals.