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Thank you for visiting your portfolio! Below you’ll find a few projects that relate to the video that you’re interested in producing. 

Video Samples

Puget Sound Orthopedics, Patient Testimonial

PSO requested a video testimonial from one of their patients. This was completed in a similar time frame requested in the provided RFP. 

CHI Franciscan, Patient Testimonial

Another testimonial completed in a similar time frame to the one requested. Focused on one patient and their story, driven by Q and A style interview. 

Walsh, DBIA Award Submission

These are two similar videos submitted for the same construction award.  Both pieces utilized interviews and a substantial amount of b-roll. 

NWHS - Employee Recruiting Video

This video focuses on what a job at NWHS is like and the benefits of a career there. 

Short Video Examples

Rush Companies: Social Media Short

Video extrapolated from longer mini doc about Rush history. Example of a more candid short form video.

Pierce County: Young Voters

This voting awareness project is a great example of a video that works on large screen formats.