Our Clients

We work with the most important people around: small to medium sized businesses and professionals. If we can help our clients, that’s a positive for our community.

We understand how much time, energy, and resources it takes to operate a successful business. Let us take on some of the load— you take the peace of mind.

We’d love to handle your digital media production and marketing, so you can do what you do best.

The nature of content marketing requires CONSISTENCY & COMMITMENT. Success only becomes harder without this investment.

Because of the long-term perspective it takes to succeed, we look to invest our time and energy into long-term relationships. We believe this works because our goals are in complete alignment with our partners. If your business succeeds, so will ours.

Client: Maughan Prosthetic & Orthotic

MPO wanted an ad created for television that would convey the work they do in a visusally interesting and compelling way. 

Client: St. Patricks School

In an effort to raise funds during their annual auction, this video was pushed out to the community to explain the plan and need for building renovation. 

Client: Bellarmine Prep

With Bellarmine’s annual gala moving virtual, it was important to release short videos to promote the event and generate excitement. 

Client: Tucci and Sons

After making a substantial investment into one of the largest excavators on the market, Tucci and Sons wanted a video to showcase its first day in the yard. 

Client: Maughan Prosthetic & Orthotic

Part of a series of patient testimonials to populate their new website, this video shows how MPO helped one of their extra-ordinary patients. 

Client: Health Care International

We produced a video for each new introduction into their exercise equipment lineup to show off the features in a clean, concise way. 

Client: Sessler Construction

It was important to Sessler Inc. to document this innovative process. With a series of remote mounted cameras, we captured the day. 

Client: Walsh Construction

After completing the control room of the tower, Walsh was interested in documenting its crane pick and placement. We created this video to showcase that process. 

Client: Innovative Fitness

A three day intensive fitness retreat, this video showcases the intensity associated with the program. 

Client: Pierce County Library

Every summer, the PCLS puts on “summer reading”. This video was released to raise awareness for the program.

Client: CHI Franciscan

After sponsoring Hanne Weaver leading up to the 2020 Olympics, we put together this video to show the community who she is, and what makes CHI a good partner. 

Client: Pierce County Library

In anticipation of the upcoming Levy vote, we put together this video to garner support for the PCLS. 

Client: Cardinal Property Management

Attracting students to off-campus housing around Boise State is competitive. We created this video to give the Vista Apartments an edge.

Client: Health Care International

This is a more in depth look at how some of Heath Care International’s exercise equipment has helped the people who use it. 

Client: Lush Lashes

Running a promo? No better way to kick it off then with a video explaining who you are, what you do, and what you’re offering. 

Client: Bellarmine Prep

Part of an ongoing installment of videos called the “Bellarmine Video Magazine”, this video was about the new turf field installed on campus. 

Client: Bellarmine Prep

In an effort to honor the schools that merged with Bellarmine in the 70’s, we put this video together for a special ceremony in their honor. 

Client: Bellarmine Prep

With the goal of community outreach, this video showcases what the Robotics Club does on campus. 

Client: Catholic Community Services

With the goal of showing the faces and personalities of the people helped by Catholic Community Services, we put this video together to help raise money for their family homelessness programs. 

Client: Bellarmine Prep

To help raise money for financial assistance, we put together a video to make the “ask” at the annual fundraising gala. 

Client: Washington Lifestyle Homes

In preparation for the 30 under 30, realtor Jennica Holmquist needed a profile video to complement her extensive resume.  

Client: Greater Lakes Mental Health

For an annual fundraising event, Greater Lakes Mental Health wanted to demonstrate the community work they do to combat homelessness and mental health. 

Client: Catholic Community Services

We put this video together to help raise money for veteran homelessness programs at Catholic Community Services.