2022 Recap Newsletter

A special thank you to our clients, partners, and friends!

By: Peter Gray

By: Peter Gray

What a year! 2022 was our busiest yet filled with some of the most unique and exciting projects we’ve ever produced. 

We cannot thank you, our clients, referral partners, friends, and vendors enough for your support. You have championed our success and always inspire us to learn and grow. 

This year, our work took us out of state to Austin and Portland, locally from Lacey to Everett and out east to Spokane. We found ourselves underwater, in the forest, on construction sites, and at performances of all types. We were lucky to meet some of the most incredible people from all over the map and tell their stories. 

In this special highlight video, you’ll meet some of our friends who all answer the simple question: “Who are you?”. You’ll also meet John Gaines, an inspirational figure in the Tacoma community, who recites this quote by Maya Angelou:


“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This quote rings especially true for us as producers. Our role is to make the audience feel something. We aspire to evoke joy, sadness, laughter, curiosity, concern, support, desire, appetite, or all of the above. Enjoy the GMP 2023 highlight reel (Sound recommended). 

This time of year is always so special for us as we get to look back on some of our favorite moments and projects. 

At Gray Media, we pride ourselves on continuous improvement. This year, we have invested in new gear and tech that has unlocked many creative opportunities. We believe that investment has reflected in the quality and impactful nature of our work. 

Below you can find a few more special projects from the last few months of 2022. None of these great projects would be possible without YOU!

Pierce County: The Village

Homelessness is a complex and relevant issue in our community. In this project, we tell the story of Erica, who experienced homelessness for 12 years. We also introduce Pierce County’s initiative to help those experiencing chronic homelessness: The Village. 

The Rush Journey: Celebrating 35 Years

The Rush Companies wanted to evoke emotion in this short video about their history. This story takes us from Bristol Bay, Alaska to our community here in the Puget Sound.

Heritage Distilling: Cocoa Bomb Chocolate Whiskey

Heritage Distilling came to us with a vision for this 30 second spot and we brought it to life! The challenge in both the 15 and 30 second versions was to tell a clear and entertaining story while showing off the product. 

Sam Parker: "Not Even Stoned"

This run n’ gun music video with Sam Parker was shot live at a local whiskey shop. You can check out Sam Parker on our music page!

Bar Rosa: Instagram Reel

Bar Rosa is one of our favorite local restaurants. They serve delicious pizza and tasty cocktails 7 days a week! This was a fun edit we made on a rainy autumn evening. 

Thank You!

Together, we have created some amazing projects and we’re excited to keep growing and creating over the next 12 months.